Dragons fans starting to roar again

South Dragons fans were perhaps one of the most let down fans in the history of the NBL, they came into the league as a new Melbourne team to rival the Melbourne Tigers and they had a rough start before bouncing back before going down before tasting the ultimate success in winning the 2008/2009 title, soon after their world came crashing down when the owners of the team had no faith in the NBL which was at the time running on heavy duty life support and withdrawn from the league robbing the Dragons of a potential dynasty under wonder coach Brian Goorjian and robbing the Tigers of a state rival as threatening as the South East Melbourne Magic and North Melbourne Giants and there is the small matter of the withdrawal robbing the Tigers of revenge after the Dragons easily won the title.

Now it’s 2014 and the Dragons fans have not forgotten their time in the NBL at all and they are hungry to return and carry on with business again just like the fans of the South East Melbourne Magic are at the moment, Dragons fans are aware of Melbourne United and their aims and it angers them, the old rivalry with the Tigers comes to mind and secondly they don’t want United prancing around saying they represent South Dragons fans, so if you would like to help the South Dragons fans get their team back in the game and hopefully the Tigers too then visit Save Our South Dragons and give them a like.

Remember fans speaking up lets the league know that Melbourne is a more than a one team town and it could be three or four team town but if you don’t like groups and don’t comment then they will never know and United will continue to live on alone being many people’s unwanted representative.


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