Gaze returns fire on Worthington’s comments

Andrew Gaze taken to 1116 SEN today to counter Mark Worthington’s claims that he had made the previous day on the station.

From the opening second Andrew Gaze counter attacked the claims with passion and most importantly factual points, Andrew Gaze explained what had happened at Basketball Australia board level in 2009 when Basketball Australia merged with the NBL to save the league and what happened when BA and the NBL largely parted company.

Andrew Gaze was passionate in his defense but also used logic to defend his stance and was not afraid to admit to admit any faults when he made his original comment several days ago.

Melbourne United is no doubt now stuck between a rock and a hard place, do they support and back their captain’s comments, do they stand back from what is going on or do they publicly and/or privately chastise their captain for his comments?.

This is not a battle between Melbourne Tigers and Melbourne United fans but instead a battle over a great sportsman’s honour and reputation, Mark Worthington for all the good he had done for the Tigers has no doubt lost plenty of respect with his attack on Andrew Gaze and fans of the sport and the Melbourne Tigers will be remembering his comments for a very long time to come.

Fans can politely give @SENNews on Twitter (click on the link) their thoughts on the comments made by Mark Worthington and Andrew Gaze’s reply to them, WANMU advises fans not to hurl abuse at Mark Worthington, SEN, the NBL or Melbourne United despite the temptation to do so in defense of their sporting hero.

Readers can listen to both Mark Worthington and Andrew Gaze’s comments at and WANMU will continue to update readers on the latest developments as they happen.


Is United controlling what is said?

Melbourne Tigers fans reading the newspaper today would of been amused at the sight of seeing the Melbourne Tiger beside the Cairns Taipans logo for the game coming up on Sunday instead of Melbourne United’s logo.

Amusement would of turned to amazement when looking below the picture and seeing Mark Worthington’s comments would of noticed that his comments on the Tigers situation were word for word to comments made by Chris Anstey earlier this week when he was live on SEN with him answering a text message submitted to the station by a Melbourne Tigers fan, those who want to see Mark Worthington’s words can see them below while Chris Anstey’s appearance on SEN can be heard here.

The word for word usage by Worthington and Anstey has lead to questions of whether or not that Melbourne United has a tight leash on what players, coaching staff and other members of the organization are allowed to say to the media and other outlets.

We Are Not United thank all the fans who provided us with the information and pictures for this article.