Tigers fans hoping for good news

It’s been a quiet week for Tigers fans as they await word of the effort by the Tigers consortium to get the team into SEABL for the 2015 season, fans are hoping that the consortium is having success in their quest to raise a quarter of a million dollars to finance the Tigers having teams in both the Men’s and Women’s competition.

It has long been said that if the SEABL plan is unable to happen the team will then focus on the competitions that the Tigers currently play in and there is no doubt that the consortium will keep trying to get the Tigers in SEABL eventually as the team makes it’s way back to the NBL and take on their former NBL spin off Melbourne United who in what some say is a hypocritical twist sponsor the VJBL which is participated in by the Tigers.

We Are Not United will continue to report on the progress of the Tigers consortium as more information comes to the public.


What should the Tigers wear?

Let’s say that the Melbourne Tigers enter SEABL and has all the licenses it needs to wear any NBL era jersey it wants, what would be the perfect look for the Tigers?.

Would you go for a Red and Yellow look? perhaps a Red and Orange one? completely Yellow? Red and Yellow with Tigers stripes on the sides? Any of the other Tigers jersey combinations? Some say the completely Yellow look was too generic and identity taking while some may think the 1993 jersey is a little dated but others think it still has everything fans desire.

There are so many choices and no doubt it would be difficult for the decision makers to come up with the look that will please all fans but it will be fun for fans to look and discuss all the possible options and perhaps persuade the powers that be to pick the one that is liked best.

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VJBL now sponsored by Melbourne United

Melbourne United have entered the naming rights realm by taking the naming rights to the VJBL with the VJBL now being the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League from November 1.

In an somewhat ironic twist the VJBL is a home of the original Melbourne Tigers who play in the competition, the Melbourne Tigers team in the VJBL were blamed for the downturn in interest for the NBL team by the owners of Melbourne United when ‘rebranding’ the Tigers NBL side.

If the Melbourne Tigers VJBL and NBL teams were such a problem for basketball fans for the team being in the VJBL (though living separately) and the NBL then wouldn’t Melbourne United being the naming rights sponsor of the VJBL while being in the NBL be seen as a conflict of interest especially to those in other leagues around the state? Could Melbourne United pick the best of the bunch to play for them as Melbourne Tigers NBL team were accused of having first dibs to the Tigers VJBL and BigV talent?.

It will be very awkward if the Tigers win a VJBL title and the Captain or Coach will have to say ‘We would like to thank Melbourne United for their wonderful sponsorship of the league……’ many people would probably tell you they wouldn’t even try to say those words


NBL2KMOD gives Tigers fans joy

While having no team in the NBL sucks, Melbourne Tigers fans who play PC games can play as the Melbourne Tigers thanks to the NBL2KMOD for NBA2K13, Fans can play as any of the four Tigers title winning teams while fans of the Magic, Giants etc can also play as their favourite teams so players can play Tigers vs Magic or Tigers vs United or play as one of the many past and present NBL teams and see which team is truly the greatest of them all.

The game is still in Alpha stage so lots of adjustments will be made over time but fans will already be impressed by what’s on offer at the moment.

Fans must have NBA2k13 (available for $30 USD from Steam by clicking the link) before downloading the MOD for free from the NBL2KMOD site here.


Tigers fans rally at Hisense Arena

As mentioned in the Herald Sun, Tigers fans held a rally outside Hisense Arena and put on a friendly and informative display.

The afternoon did not start well for Tigers fans with a security officer radioing for backup immediately after Tigers fans started showing up leading to four security officers surrounding three members who were awaiting the arrival of others, after a debate over rights to be in the park, the park manager arrived and told the group they had to move on but the group were told the main footpath was acceptable and so the group moved to the footpath which gave the gatherers the opportunity to meet Basketball fans and the general public allowing Tigers fans message to get through to the people, fliers were distributed to the people and they were well received with many no doubt been given food for thought based on the information provided.

As you can see the fans looked brilliant with their signs and their jerseys and there are plans to consider doing it again and with the Bathurst 1000 and the marathon out of the way more Tigers fans may be available to rally with those who have done it before and really ensure that United and the NBL know that Melbourne Tigers are still on the minds of fans and perhaps Kestleman, Slepoy and Crivelli will let the Tigers name and history go and let it live on again like the Sydney Kings or in the case of the NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs although in their case their rights weren’t held onto by somebody else but they were resurrected and in the minds of fans that’s all that matters.




BigV Tigers need NBL Tigers fans support

Melbourne Tigers fans may be facing it’s first season out of the NBL since it’s existence in 1984 (with United claiming they are a new entity) there is some comfort to know that the Melbourne Tigers that play in the BigV are still going strong and needs fans to attend their matches in their next season, it is important for Melbourne Tigers fans to remember that without the BigV side’s 1931 birth there wouldn’t be the Melbourne Tigers that played (and will play again) in the NBL, for further incentive it should be noted that United are supporting the Mckinnon Basketball Association which has teams in the BigV and therefore are a Tigers rival should any of the Tigers team meet them.

Fans of the Nunawading Spectres, Coburg Giants (aka North Melbourne Giants), Frankston Blues (formerly Frankston Bears in the NBL) and the Geelong Supercats are also playing in the BigV therefore fans of those sides should also flock to their matches and support the teams instead of joining United’s aim to ‘unite’ all the fans under their umbrella.