Don’t despair Tigers fans, BigV is getting closer

2015 is well underway now that the first week of the year is gone and life is returning to normal, sure the NBL is still going and that is very depressing for Tigers fans as the Tigers aren’t in action but fans can take comfort in knowing that we are one week closer to the Tigers playing in the 2015 BigV competition.

Tigers fans have reported the affect that the Tigers not being in the NBL has had on young children for some have asked their parents why they haven’t seen a game yet, it is no doubt difficult to explain the situation to children but one way is that the Tigers will be back in action during winter and they will be seen again and again when the time comes.

The BigV Tigers may have little profile compared to the NBL Tigers but with NBL Tigers fans sharing information on the team there is little doubt that the team’s profile will rise and new heroes will be cheered on by Tigers fans young and old.


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