VJBL now sponsored by Melbourne United

Melbourne United have entered the naming rights realm by taking the naming rights to the VJBL with the VJBL now being the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League from November 1.

In an somewhat ironic twist the VJBL is a home of the original Melbourne Tigers who play in the competition, the Melbourne Tigers team in the VJBL were blamed for the downturn in interest for the NBL team by the owners of Melbourne United when ‘rebranding’ the Tigers NBL side.

If the Melbourne Tigers VJBL and NBL teams were such a problem for basketball fans for the team being in the VJBL (though living separately) and the NBL then wouldn’t Melbourne United being the naming rights sponsor of the VJBL while being in the NBL be seen as a conflict of interest especially to those in other leagues around the state? Could Melbourne United pick the best of the bunch to play for them as Melbourne Tigers NBL team were accused of having first dibs to the Tigers VJBL and BigV talent?.

It will be very awkward if the Tigers win a VJBL title and the Captain or Coach will have to say ‘We would like to thank Melbourne United for their wonderful sponsorship of the league……’ many people would probably tell you they wouldn’t even try to say those words



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