124 Tigers fans unite, will you join them?

At this present time, 124 Tigers fans and supporters of fans belief in the team have united on Change.org in the long written about aim to bring the Tigers name, colour and history back to the original Tigers and their home at MSAC.

124 people is not a small number but it can be much bigger, it can be so much bigger because the Tigers are iconic before on a local and international level from VJBL to BigV and NBL the Tigers have been there and so have the players, staff and fans.

If you believe that the Tigers should be given the right to choose it’s own destiny away from United then please take the few seconds to sign the petition, your few seconds mean and do so much for the Tigers and their supporters.

The Tigers have the fans to make things happen, the Tigers have friends of the fans to make things happen, the Tigers have family of the fans to make things happen, all you got to do if you haven’t signed is decide on whether or not to make all of it happen.


Be united to demand to be divided from United, Go Tigers!



Tigers fans are readying for a big 2015

Melbourne Tigers fans haven’t had a great last half of 2014 but it has ended on a high note with reports that the Tigers are committed to rebounding through the VJBL and BigV before tackling SEABL in 2016.

Those in charge of the mammoth task are understood to have a strategic plan in place for the Tigers to live on as a multi league Basketball team with no ties to Melbourne United and the plan will become clearer to fans as 2015 goes on.

The reports could not have come at a better time with the Dragons, United/Ballers and Magic getting all the news attention in recent weeks, it is hoped that with the news of the rebuild it will get Melbourne Tigers interest fans back from Melbourne United who are at the moment losing fans to the push for the Dragons to re-enter the league.

Fans are also hoping that the Tigers would stop by referred to as a ‘brand’ and instead referred to as a team for Melbourne and the Tigers are two names that go as one complete name and no part of the name is  interchangeable at any time.

Melbourne Tigers Womens Basketball Association holds AGM

The Melbourne Tigers Womens Basketball Association held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) last Monday with announcements to changes to the committee made while announcing three new committee members, those members are Donna Fisher, Stephen Letts and Karen McCrea.

The Tigers have left a link on their website that allows visitors to check out who the committee are and there is no doubt that current and new committee members will do their very best for the club, to see who is on the committee click here.

A great night for Melbourne

Melbourne Tigers fans had plenty to cheer about last night as the Tiger teams in the VJBL scored multiple wins across the competition.

Wins were achieved by the Tigers boys and girls in Under 14’s, 16’s and 18’s matches while the Boys U/12’s and the Girls U/12 Tigers 2, U/14 Tigers 1 and U/18’s Tigers 3 fell in their matches although there is no doubt that all who participated in the matches played to the best of their ability and had fun at the end of the night.

Overall it can be said by Tigers fans that they had a much better night than Melbourne United fans whose team lost in the NBL to the New Zealand Breakers who scored revenge against United after losing on United’s home turf earlier this month.

Is SEABL a good idea or a bad idea?

The idea of the Melbourne Tigers going to SEABL before getting back into the NBL has been widely thought of, some may think that SEABL is a step backwards because the NBL to be the top league in Australia but on the other hand many believe that SEABL is superior to the NBL and is not top dogs because it has no television deal in place that could catapult it into the public’s consciousness.

While the crowds may be smaller, the amount of teams in SEABL tower over the NBL giving truth to the saying that ‘competition breeds improvement’ for the Tigers would learn plenty from SEABL before going back to the NBL, time in SEABL could also allow the Tigers to build up finances in order to re-establish itself in the top NBL teams when a return happens.

Another possibility could be that the Tigers could exist in both SEABL and the NBL as well as BigV and the VJBL becoming one big franchise so the public can see the Tigers basically anytime and anywhere knowing that players will give it their all every time in every league.

Whatever happens it is exciting times for Tigers fans even if it doesn’t look like much is happening, fans are taking a fresh look at everything to find an outcome that will bring the Tigers roaring back into Basketball while breaking free from Melbourne United and letting the two teams stand apart.

Keep on roaring Tigers fans.

VJBL now sponsored by Melbourne United

Melbourne United have entered the naming rights realm by taking the naming rights to the VJBL with the VJBL now being the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League from November 1.

In an somewhat ironic twist the VJBL is a home of the original Melbourne Tigers who play in the competition, the Melbourne Tigers team in the VJBL were blamed for the downturn in interest for the NBL team by the owners of Melbourne United when ‘rebranding’ the Tigers NBL side.

If the Melbourne Tigers VJBL and NBL teams were such a problem for basketball fans for the team being in the VJBL (though living separately) and the NBL then wouldn’t Melbourne United being the naming rights sponsor of the VJBL while being in the NBL be seen as a conflict of interest especially to those in other leagues around the state? Could Melbourne United pick the best of the bunch to play for them as Melbourne Tigers NBL team were accused of having first dibs to the Tigers VJBL and BigV talent?.

It will be very awkward if the Tigers win a VJBL title and the Captain or Coach will have to say ‘We would like to thank Melbourne United for their wonderful sponsorship of the league……’ many people would probably tell you they wouldn’t even try to say those words