What should the Tigers wear?

Let’s say that the Melbourne Tigers enter SEABL and has all the licenses it needs to wear any NBL era jersey it wants, what would be the perfect look for the Tigers?.

Would you go for a Red and Yellow look? perhaps a Red and Orange one? completely Yellow? Red and Yellow with Tigers stripes on the sides? Any of the other Tigers jersey combinations? Some say the completely Yellow look was too generic and identity taking while some may think the 1993 jersey is a little dated but others think it still has everything fans desire.

There are so many choices and no doubt it would be difficult for the decision makers to come up with the look that will please all fans but it will be fun for fans to look and discuss all the possible options and perhaps persuade the powers that be to pick the one that is liked best.

Tigers v Bullets images (1) images Melbourne+Tigers+Headshots+Session+t0w2HVNjjxwl


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