Tigers fans are standing taller

Tigers fans have had a rough couple of weeks watching teams in the NBL go about the season without them and while it has been shattering it has also been enlightening as Tigers fans understand how Magic, Giants, Supercats, Dragons and Titans fans had felt and still feel when the NBL went on without them.

Fans of the teams named above have been mostly supportive although some have given Tigers fans the ha-ha message feeling the end of the Tigers is well deserved but Tigers fans have found inspiration from the fans of the teams who are fighting to get back into Basketball and now Tigers fans are eager to follow suit and get back into the Basketball spirit.

The talk around the grand city of Melbourne is that the Tigers will be making a comeback to big time basketball in the future, it is true that a comeback will involve long and potentially costly negotiation with name owners Kestleman and Slepoy in the case they feel any expansion from the VJBL and BigV teams that the original Tigers have may intrude on the Intellectual Property of the NBL Tigers name, history and material that they own.

If the tangled mess of who can have what be sorted then could we be seeing the Tigers in competitions like SEABL and the NBL plus break new ground by having a team in the WNBL in the not too distant future? Tigers fans certainly think so and hope that the fans and Tigers legends combine together with Big and Small Business to make that happen for the good of the sport not just for Melbourne but for Australia as well.


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