What is the definition of a fan?

What is a fan? A fan can be something that cools you down or it means that you support or follow a team or a band or some organization.

A frequent argument between United fans and Tigers fans has been the subject of membership with some United fans blaming Melbourne Tigers fans for not buying enough memberships and not attending enough games while proclaiming they had membership for years and attended every game.

Not every fan has a credit card and some don’t have the finances (like at this current economic moment) to pay off memberships if they do have a credit card, some people live too far away to make use of the membership options and some had no clue what was on offer and let’s face it finding out such things can be a problem if you don’t know where to look or know how to do what is needed to fill in online forms but regardless of the above situations those who cannot get membership are no less of a fan than somebody with membership.

The same can go for Merchandise, some people can afford every new item while some still use jerseys and items from previous seasons sometimes because they love what they’ve got and others because they can’t just go out and buy something new unless they want to fall a little behind bills or go a little hungry for a week or two but no matter what you have, you are no more or less a fan than the next person.

To this writer a fan is somebody who follows their team through the good times and the bad, every fan is treated equally no matter if they have membership or not, no matter if they’ve attended a hundred games or haven’t been to one before, no matter if they’ve been a fan for 30 years or 5 years, every person who supports a team like the Melbourne Tigers is an equal.


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