What will United wear?

Heritage Round for the NBL is here and all eyes on are Melbourne United on what they’ll wear when they appear at The Cage to take on Townsville next week.

Will they be wearing Melbourne Tigers gear? SE Melbourne Magic? Nunawading Spectres? North Melbourne Giants? Frankston Bears?  St Kilda? Any of the other Melbourne and Geelong area teams?.

If the Tigers jersey is chosen it will no doubt make unhappy Tigers fans even unhappier considering the Tigers history was booted in favor of United Ballers and the game it is at the Tigers former home turf.

If they pick other teams those fans would be unhappy because they didn’t like the Tigers and lastly if they chose a state jersey then people will be reminded by United Ballers statement that the United Ballers aren’t trying to grab the whole state for themselves.

United Ballers will later on be having a Foundation Round, since Melbourne United Ballers have said the Tigers and United Ballers are the same team, the below should serve as a reminder that Foundation for Melbourne was 1984 and not 2014.

1984 Tigers


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