Three Games Into 2023

The 2023 NBL1 South Season is three games in, quite unbelievable but true.

The Women got their first year of the year last weekend by beating Keilor 81-52 after losing their opening games 79-54 (Ballarat) and 86-78 (Waverley), hopefully wins will continue to come now that one is on the board.

The Men have lost their games 92-68 (Ballarat), 91-88 (Waverley) and 84-72 (Keilor), the Tigers form has been patchy, either they’ve been blown away in the first period or have a good start and get run down.

It seems over the years the Tigers Men are playing games where they suddenly get the yips and the opposition bound down the court and score multiple times and the team cannot recover, it doesn’t last long but the damage is always done.

Coming up on Thursday April 20 is Nunawading, it is always good to come up against fellow ex-NBL sides like the Spectres, the Geelong Supercats and the Frankston Bears.

Having games on Thursday nights does trip people up because they are used to Friday to Sunday games but NBL1 decided to speed up the season by adding in another day of games.

It seems to be a long couple of years for the Tigers in terms of success but at least we’re not the 0-26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (put 0-26 in google and you’ll get the Bucs) or the St Kilda Saints who didn’t win between the 1897 VFL Season and early in the 1900 season, the important thing to remember is that things will get better as the season goes on.

Go Tigers.


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