Building the social media network

There is no doubt now fellow Tigers fans that journalists and bloggers etc aren’t yet interested in Tigers fans efforts in making the Tigers the second Melbourne NBL team in the competition.

So how do we change that? For starters it is up to us, Tigers fans have to generate the interest themselves by showing the passion and dedication fans have for the team and the goal of returning to the NBL and that may seem difficult but it really isn’t because a Tweet can be written in about the same time as watching a cat video and liking and retweeting is a click and done thing.

Below is a list of Basketball reporters, stars and bloggers who could potentially be Twittered to persuasion to come and have a look at fans efforts at Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers and Save The Melbourne Tigers, they may comment negatively but we’ll take it because they’ve taken the time to acknowledge us and may set people’s curiosity off.

Roy Ward – Twitter
The Age Sport – Twitter
SMH Sport – Twitter – Twitter
The Pick And Roll  – FB Page, Twitter
SEN Morning Glory – Twitter
Andy Maher (SEN Morning Glory co-host) – Twitter
Andrew Gaze – Twitter
Lanard Copeland – Twitter
Boti Nagy – Twitter – Twitter
Hoops Heaven – Twitter
Corey ‘Homicide’ Williams – Twitter
Dwayne Russell – Twitter
Andrew Voss – Twitter – Twitter
Steve Carfino – Twitter
Paul Suttor – Twitter
Rebuild Our Melbourne Tigers – Twitter
Melbourne Tigers Girls – Twitter

Some NBL fans may not be aware the Melbourne Tigers still exists so you might have to explain that because there is a chance people just think we’re bitter fans and not club re-builders or expanders.

If we can get 10 people tweeting that’s good, if all ten retweet the others tweets then it goes into multiplication and if the retweets get retweeted it reaches more people and if people comment on tweets it goes further and then we’ve got a commodity.

Lastly there’s the whole realm of hashtags so in tweets could put in #MelbourneTigers, #Tigers, #WeAreMelbourneToo, #Wewereherefirst, #TigersForNBL, #TigersAreUnited (that will stump people) and lots more, if enough people use the same hashtag it trend in the nation.

It can be done, believe it, do it and achieve it.

Go Tigers!


Power of the Passion

Greetings rebellious Tigers, Dragons, Magic, Giants and Supercats fans,

Some of you have been campaigning for your side to re-enter the NBL for some time and there are times that you must feel like you are a Drongo for doing so because you might be the only one in the crowd at times but you’re not because you are showing two of the best elements in sport and they are passion and emotion and that is something attractive to people.

The other day this writer was having a discussion with a man who said that pro sport is business and we should get over the Tigers and get behind Melbourne United, not surprisingly I said ‘No thank you’.

People don’t follow teams because they are the richest and are flowing with stars and fancy stuff, they follow them for their great times and the bad times, the iconic coaches, the unforgettable players, the hard working staff members and their fellow passionate fans.

Passionate Tigers fans moved to support the BigV Tigers and begin the climb again to top level Basketball, Giants fans can still see their team out in Coburg and I still hope they’ll awaken from their NBL dreams soon, Dragons and Magic fans are still working on returning to the big time and Supercats fans are making SEABL their playground and no doubt if they had the cash (maybe they do) they could look at the NBL.

If fans band together they can make things happen, you never know whose eyes and ears your efforts you reach because nothing is set in stone, opportunity opens doors every single day and if you believe in your team, if your fellow supporters back you up or get inspired themselves then outer space is the limit.

Don’t just dream and hope, do something and see what happens.

Tigers fans ready to roar their support

While the Tigers consortium is busy trying to secure business support for the SEABL plan, Tigers fans are eagerly awaiting to hear about the ways they can contribute to help the Tigers get back on their feet sooner rather than later, fans are hoping they will be able to contribute via bank deposit or Paypal to give as many fans as possible an opportunity to voluntarily contribute funding.

Another option thought up by fans for consideration by the consortium is crowdfunding although legal experts will have to look into the legalities of such an option before it can be given major consideration, those who are supporters of crowdfunding believe that if a Formula One team can do it then there is no reason why the Tigers can do so as well and hope it gets the tick of approval.

Tigers fans are also hoping to give the consortium the fans prospective on what fans would like to see and buy to help keep the cash rolling in for the Tigers to ensure long term success.