Thoughts after four games

The Mens SEABL team is 2-2 thanks to the 1 point win over NW Tasmania last night, this result is a wonderful beginning and the 2-2 start will no doubt have fans interested in turning up for the next home game which is against the Geelong Supercats.

Ari Stewart’s hot start against NW Tasmania kept the Tigers in the game when NW Tasmania could of easily ran away with it.

Tigers fans will be hoping will keep Tom Wilson plying his trade with the Tigers for the rest of the season because he has been a revelation for the Tigers and is popular with the fans.

Sam Sykes struggled in the Tigers first two games which led fans to wonder why he was selected in the team but he found his way to the basket in both Tasmanian games and this could be the start of him showing something special from the bench.

Nate Tomlinson has been considered either a great addition to the team in the eyes of fans or a very bad one mostly because he wore #6 in the team that is the Tigers rebellious son and the fact he played for them and was also considered to be a lower rung choice for that side.

Nate’s value has already been demonstrated as he scored 12 points in last night’s win but he also had 9 assists, five more than the next player on either team (Tom Wilson had 4).

Jimmy Todd currently averages a handy 7 points per game as well as 4.5 rebounds and 2 assists.

Xinkai Wang has been a good addition to the team as he picked up six points and two assists last night and eight points and two rebounds the previous night.

The biggest problem for the team is that they are being out rebounded by the opposition, this was also a problem last season and fans are hoping this issue is fixed in the near future.

Women’s SEABL Team

Round 2 (our Round 1) could be easily attributed to nerves though the Tigers shown against Dandenong that they could hold the line when trouble strikes.

Friday and Saturday night shown the Tigers can be a very competitive team and will be winning soon as they made their opposition fight all the way for the win.

The opposition were lucky that they had one ex-Tiger each that were their match winners, the way they got those Tigers is controversial but it is what it is.

The signing of Hannah Zavecz as a replacement for one of the Bass Straiters was a good move as she can score lots of points and bring the rest of the team into the game which is only good news for the Tigers.

Monique Conti averages 16.33 ppg, Briana Babic averages 10.33 ppg, Peri Kalka averages 8 ppg and Elyse Penaluna averages 6 points per game.

With four Tigers averaging over 10 ppg (Kate Gaze, Monique Conti, Briana Babic and Hannah Zavecz) and others averaging 5 or more, the side is more than capable of putting up a winning score.

The team goes to Ballarat after Easter in which promises to be an interesting game in terms of team development.


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