For every good weekend or two there is a bad weekend or two and last weekend was a bad one.

The Tigers were taught a lesson by both the Tornadoes and the Thunder and while it was disappointing to watch the live stats become lopsided in the oppositions favour, the results must be consigned to the history books and forgotten so everyone promptly looks forward to the next challenge.

That challenge comes this Saturday from 5:30pm at MSAC as the Women’s team take on the Ballarat Rush, it is 6th vs. 7th and the Tigers previously beat the Rush at the Minerdome and want to deliver the same result at home.

The Men take on the Miners at 7:30pm, The Miners are 5-3 this year and would no doubt be favourites in the eyes of many pundits but the Tigers do have the players to win, all they need is smart play and accuracy to get there.

Tigers fans should get on down to MSAC and give the sides some cheer, meet fellow Tigers fans and have an enjoyable evening at a very low price, the club is on the way up and it will get there much faster once more people attend and snap up all the Tigers goodies and more.

The next day the Men’s side got Frankston in Frankston, this match is very important because a win will give the side a cushion from the bottom of the pack where Frankston currently sits two wins behind the Tigers.

Frankston will have a two day gap between games whilst the Tigers will have about 20 hours so hopefully the Tigers will have good sleep and full of energy and motivation.

So if anyone can get on down to Frankston, they should do so and cheer the team on in Frankston’s not too bad looking facilities or watch the live stream that the Blues offer.

All in all, we hope the Tigers get out of their valley this weekend.


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