Tigers Roundup (1/3/17)

One month to go until the Tigers play their first game in SEABL competition for 2017.

There is very little to report at this stage, of course we know of two signings for the Womens SEABL team but that leaves a stack of signing news to come from both the Mens and Womens team and membership details are still unannounced at this time.

We can only assume that news will come thick and fast like news coming from the Indy 500 bump day where drivers pass each other regularly to get into the 500.

Then of course when the SEABL season gets underway news will be coming like cars changing positions in the Daytona 500 and fans can expect great reports when it comes to results and more.

Sit tight fellow Tigers fans, there is no doubt the long wait for news will be worth it.


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