Tigers Men beat 2017 record

June 16 2018

Last night was a big night as first the Tigers Women notched up their seventh win to equal their 2017 performance.

By now fans will have noticed the Tigers have a scoring trio in Rebecca Cole, Monique Conti and Louella Tomlinson.

Geraldine McCorkell now has an average of 4 points  but can reach double figures as seen in last nights effort of ten points, four rebounds and two assists.

All nine Tigers scored points in the game which will be pleasing for everybody.

After the win it was the Men’s turn to play and they were in trouble as with the team already without DKD the Tigers struggled to find a scoring answer from the starters and were kept in the game thanks to Maxwell Viitala scoring.

The Tigers then came alive in the second half with Tom Wilson and Jimmy Todd able to score more freely to get the Tigers in front at 3QT by five points.

Maxwell Viitala after his good first half popped up again in the fourth to keep the scores coming with Billy Hughes shooting consecutive threes to ensure the Tigers would win by 16 points.

Deng Acouth fouled out with just under four minutes to go after scoring 12 points and 22 rebounds and he apparently he threw a chair after coming off the court but there was no tech foul or ejection to suggest it was a big moment.

All Tigers played their part in the game and if they continue to spread the contributions around instead of relying on one or two sources the league will find themselves facing a formidable team.

One spectator did report that a Chargers fan yelled out to Deng to go back to his own country, a comment that was not supported by Chargers fans, the team and stadium officials.

So the first half of the Tigers visit to Tasmania has been a complete success, hopefully tonight will be the same but the bookies aren’t confident giving both Tigers sides $2.10 odds.

We’ll see what tonight brings.