Thoughts on the Tigers

May 23 2018

The start of the season was rough for the Tigers, the Men lost three in a row including losing to Kilsyth by over 50 points in a game that was horrible to watch.

But despite that massive loss there was a feeling that things were going to turn around and they sure did, six wins in a row puts the Tigers in 6th position on the ladder with a 6-3 record.

The Women are also doing well at 5-4, they have had a good season so far and have been competitive in all their games with most losses being under 10 points.

The 5-4 record also puts the Tigers in sixth position and it is nice to see the Tigers in a finals position anytime during the season.

Both teams have players that are considered stars but both sides also have players who can easily pop up and score 10 or so points and collect multiple rebounds and assists making it tougher for opposition teams to control the game.

One example is Billy Hughes, he came off the bench against Diamond Valley and got 20+ points and he also bagged some handy points against Frankston.

Pick and Roll predicted that the Tigers Men would only score four wins for the season, it is pleasing to say the current 6-3 record has blown that prediction to kingdom come no matter how the rest of the year plays out.

Can one or both sides make the finals? Yes they can and that is because we have two teams enjoying stability and they are working towards success.

It won’t be easy because competition for the Top 8 spots is fierce at the moment but if the team continues to be stable and work together, things can happen.

These are good times Tigers fans, we are seeing games being won, we are seeing people attend matches and we are seeing new merchandise too!

Saturday night from 5pm is Tigers vs Sandringham in Sandringham, it is going to be another good two games, next home games is on June 2 from 5:30pm so if you are thinking about seeing a Tigers game then is a good time to go Oakleigh Rec Centre.


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