United’s Wikipedia page incorrect

With Melbourne United claiming they are a new team in the NBL, United’s Wikipedia page is a contradiction with the team claiming to have won four NBL titles among other honours.

The four titles won in the NBL were by the Melbourne Tigers and while the Tigers license is owned by Melbourne United it has been repeatedly said in writing that Melbourne Tigers and Melbourne United are not the same therefore all four titles and other honours earned by team and past players have no place at Melbourne United, one such written example is taken from United’s history page.

“The Tigers’ 30-year history came to a close in 2014 as the team owners launched a new era for the franchise now know as Melbourne United.”.

Melbourne United was formed in 2014, it has no titles, no Hall of Fame inductees, no retired jerseys and no history except when they decide to flip and flop on what is theirs and what is not.


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