United keeps Tigers titles, jerseys hanging

Melbourne Tigers fans were unhappy to discover that the club’s four championship banners were still hanging far above the court at Hisense Arena, Melbourne United have said multiple times that they are a club born out of the Melbourne Tigers and by this logic those banners should not be up there even if the Tigers name and history is owned by Melbourne United.

Melbourne Tigers fans have also pointed out that the retired jerseys of the Melbourne Tigers including Lanard Copeland’s #21 are also still up (Picture taken by K.E) despite United assuring people that permission would be asked to keep those jerseys up which in the case of Lanard Copeland would of been a big no based on his comments since the announcement¬†of United back in May.

Fans also noted that the promised honouring of past Victorian NBL teams were not done with no signs of Magic, Titans, Giants, Bears, Supercats, Saints, Spectres jerseys or title banners anywhere at Hisense Arena, this knowledge will no doubt lead to questions from fans of those teams who were swayed to joined United based on their promise to do such things.



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