Fans call for SEABL to NBL route for Tigers

Melbourne Tigers fans are hoping that Larry Kestelman and Michael Slepoy do the right thing for Basketball and release the Melbourne Tigers name and history so others can start a new era of the Tigers in the NBL by entering into the next SEABL season before making slowly making it back into the NBL.

Fans have indicated that they are willing to donate money to any high profile group that is willing to take on the Tigers name and history to begin this rebuild, fans have said that they hope it is the original Melbourne Tigers (the one in the BigV etc) that get the name and history back for they have indicated that they would follow the Gaze family as well as former Tigers players and staff in the organization anywhere.

it is understood by many that hundreds of thousands will be needed in order for the organization to get everything it needs including getting a SEABL team going but if past players and staff, fans and big and small businesses join together will go from an impossibility towards being a certainty.

Former Melbourne Tigers players and staff are urged to stand up and speak out on social media and the traditional forms of media in favor of the effort to get Kestelman and Slepoy to release the Tigers name and history and to support the Melbourne Tigers organization in getting the name and history of it’s NBL spinoff and start the journey of coming back to the NBL.

Those who are setting on the fence should consider this, the NBL was always good with two Basketball teams, the Tigers are needed in the NBL, future Tigers vs United matches would have lots of spice particularly since United usurped the Tigers to sit in the throne of Melbourne NBL teams and lastly United can stand on it’s own two feet without being embroiled in a Civil War over where and who the club should be.


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