Number crunching proves United not making gains

We Are Not United have crunched the numbers between the Tigers last four regular season games and United’s first four regular season games at Hisense and have found that the Tigers had larger numbers of attendance.

By counting the 2013/14 Tigers four regular season games at Hisense plus one final the total is 30,552 people for an average of 6110.4 so that’s 6110 people per game when rounded down while Melbourne United’s first five regular season games have had a total of 23,773 people for a total of 4754.6, rounded up to 4755 people per game which means the Tigers had 6,779 more people and a bigger average per game of 1355 people.

Now if we take only the four Tigers regular season games and exclude the finals they had 26,551 for an average of 6637.75 rounded up to 6638 while United’s first four regular season games at Hisense had a total of 20,366 at an average of 5091.5 so comparing the averages the Tigers are on top by 1547 people which proves that no matter which way you slice up the numbers the Tigers have had a superior turnout.

Melbourne United may claim a superior season overall attendance over the Tigers at the end of the season but it should be noted that the Tigers played 10 games at the smaller The Cage and only four games at Hisense with none at Margaret Court Arena compared to United who play the majority of their season at HA and MCA.


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