Flashback to 2012 commemoration of 1993 title win

Just two years ago, the majority of the staff and members of the Melbourne Tigers 1993 team gathered at The Cage during the NBL’s 2012/2013 heritage round to celebrate the 1993 title.

It was a fitting commemoration even if the celebration was a year short of the 20th anniversary of the great win in Perth, the Gaze’s were there, Lanard Copeland was there, Al Westover was there plus many more of the 1993 heroes and thanks to AndTheFoul.net fans who missed out on watching the commemoration get to see it on YouTube anytime they like.

No article is complete without a video of the highlights from Game 3 of the Grand Final series which is considered by many to be one of the greatest Grand Final matches in NBL history and to finish off there is a video comprised of several news reports on Game 3 of the Grand Final series which is great viewing as both teams gave their thoughts on the game.


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