United Ballers win but crowds still under 6000 people

Melbourne United Ballers swept the round with overtime wins against Wollongong and Sydney but the team still hasn’t been able to crack 6000 fans at either Hisense Arena or Margaret Court Arena.

Melbourne United Ballers had 5768 people attend the game against the New Zealand Breakers the previous round but only had 5,377 people attend the highly anticipated game against the Kings, it is believed that crowd numbers were down due to the late withdrawal of Sydney star Josh Childress or that Melbourne residents were just more into getting their shopping done.

Fans and general watchers of the game are still reporting that Melbourne United Ballers games are still lacking atmosphere as well as reporting that the music is still annoying with one attendee reporting that despite the game going into overtime they couldn’t wait to leave.

There is no doubt that Melbourne Tigers, South Dragons and/or South East Melbourne Magic fans and officials are taking down notes on what is considered weaknesses in Melbourne United Ballers promoting and entertainment in order to ensure their games have the best possible entertainment and fan satisfaction levels.


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