United Ballers got Crocodile Rocked

The eyes of the majority of Australia were focused on the Australian Open last night but not far away from the action at Hisense Arena, Melbourne United Ballers discovered that despite all of Townsville’s problems in recent seasons they can bite hard and so the United Ballers fell to Townsville 81 to 69.

The loss hurt United Ballers more when hours earlier Adelaide smashed Sydney to keep pace with and then pass Melbourne United Ballers into fourth spot which is the last finals spot.

The situation is that Adelaide must hold on to their one win advantage over Melbourne United Ballers for if the two sides finish equal in wins then United Ballers will get through based on outscoring Adelaide in their matches this season.

Melbourne Tigers fans unhappy with Melbourne United Ballers have never been more grateful to Adelaide and Townsville and hope that other NBL teams have equal success against United Ballers to shut the team out of the finals and prove that a name, culture and history change doesn’t do a thing when the side can’t make the finals.


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