The Day After

It’s been a day since the Cairns Taipans gave United the fatal bite to ensure the team didn’t make the NBL Finals sparking off celebrations from different teams across the nation.

Melbourne Tigers fans as well as Adelaide and Perth fans are today likely to be found struggling to shake off the effects of a night of celebration that began long before the final whistle of last nights play, these celebrations may impact many people’s Valentine’s Day plans.

For Tigers fans it was a sweet result against United’s money over tradition and loyalty owners while for Adelaide and Perth fans they are celebrating knowing there is absolutely no chance United could overtake either side even if the odds of Melbourne making the finals were extremely large before tip-off last night.

South Dragons supporters today couldn’t help but noting that they made the finals in their first season while the Tigers and United couldn’t which will most likely not win them any fans in their attempt to re-enter the NBL and instead send fans to the South East Melbourne Magic camp instead.

Detractors to the South Dragons supporters comments could say that the NBL was a lot tougher in 1984 (Tigers) and this year (United Ballers) while the Dragons era was in the middle of an NBL collapse which ironically lead to the Dragons falling on their sword instead of choosing to stay and fight in the NBL or go to SEABL.

Meanwhile The Age has reported that D-Mac is still hoping to be coach next season, D-Mac has not had the opportunity to coach a side with a lineup of his choosing (stories are that he was unhappy with the 2014/15 lineup) and is hoping it is third time lucky, standing in the way of his appointment is his interim record and the fact that former Melbourne Tigers player and multiple NBL team coach Brian Goorjian is wanted by many in the United Ballers camp to be the man picked for the 2015/16 season.

Goorjian is known for being a successful coach with all but two seasons of his NBL coaching seasons spent in the NBL finals but he is also known for being in charge of NBL clubs when they merged or died, Teams in this list were the Eastside Spectres, South East Melbourne Magic, Victoria Titans, Sydney Kings and South Dragons with only the Kings so far rising from the dead.

Melbourne Tigers fans are reminded that the juniors seasons are now underway and we wish them the very best as we continue to countdown towards the beginning of the 2015 Big V season, there is no doubt that things are a lot sunnier for Tigers fans than they were just 48 hours ago.



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