Different Magic, Same importance

In the 1990’s the Melbourne Tigers had legendary battles against the South East Melbourne Magic in the NBL, now tomorrow night the Melbourne Tigers will be taking on Hawthorn Magic in a game that could propel the Tigers higher up the BigV ladder.

Hawthorn Magic have no relation to the SE Melbourne Magic but the Tigers need to play with the intensity of it’s former NBL spinoff to secure the win and stay away from last place.

Tigers fans are excited by the team’s recent form with Dillion Stith, Josh White and Dexter Kernich-Drew all in good form and if all three fire then Hawthorn could be in some trouble.

Sherbrooke (5-13) and Diamond Valley (5-14) take on each other with the winner moving on to six wins and potentially end up ahead of Melbourne, Diamond Valley also play Waverley on the weekend but would need to play like pros in order to knock off the third placed team.

The Tigers Men play at MSAC from Saturday July 4 at 8pm.

Tigers Women take on Ringwood in a very tough assignment away from home (The Rings, 8pm July 4), the side is third last but can still climb up in positions with several teams only one or two wins in front of the Tigers,

The Tigers Women took a massive loss to Southern Peninsular and are no doubt eager to put in a solid effort to try upset Ringwood who are flying high near the top of the ladder.

WANMU wishes both teams the best and will report on the results as they come to hand,


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