Tigers get that winning feeling

Melbourne Tigers Men side defeated Hawthorn last Saturday night 110 to 69 to record their sixth win of the season.

This win is the Tigers second consecutive win and places the Tigers in 10th spot just ahead of Diamond Valley who also have six wins.

Hawthorn, Eltham and Whittlesea are one win and two wins (Whittlesea) ahead of the Tigers on the BigV ladder with the Tigers a good chance to pass Hawthorn and or Eltham with 12th place Sherbooke the Tigers next opponent before the Tigers take on league leaders Ringwood in a test of the Tigers abilities on Sunday.

In the last five games, the Tigers have won three out of five making them equal fourth of teams that have won games in that period with Ringwood and Corio Bay winning all five, Waverley winning four, followed by Melbourne and McKinnon with three.

This news is exciting with fans starting to revel in the level of success that Melbourne is having and if the side continues this way there is little doubt that memberships will rapidly rise as more Tigers NBL fans make their way back to their Tigers BigV home.

Go Tigers!


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