Tigers season wrap

Melbourne Tigers Mens team lost to Bulleen in overtime 74 to 69 last Saturday night but the result while disappointing has shown that the Tigers have had a competitive season.

The Tigers are set to finish third last with a 6-17 record although when taking into account several Tigers losses ten points and under, the season has been an great improvement on the 2014 season.

The team takes on McKinnon in the final match of the season which is set for 8pm this Saturday at Bentleigh Secondary College.

Tigers fans who have watched the stats throughout the season with interest have noticed that one area that needs to be improved is their shooting accuracy.
The Tigers had the oppportunity to bury Bulleen but let many opportunities slip by missing shots, Dillion Stith was one player who had trouble by missing his first nine shots at two point range before steadying to becoming the Tigers second highest points scorer on the night.

Tigers Women’s team had a 5-15 record for the season and will no doubt be looking to snap up the services of the players from the Tigers Victorian Youth Championship Women’s side who compilied a 21-1 record for the season.

The Youth Women’s team will take on Diamond Valley in the Elimination Final on Saturday night, Tigers fans can catch the action from 12pm at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Victorian Youth Championship Men’s team had a 8-14 record for the season but is the second best team for the Tigers this year and there is no doubt the Tigers Men’s team will be interested in the players for 2016.

While the majority of Tigers teams have had a losing season, there is still plenty to cheer about in the sporting capital of the world.


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