Happy Birthday WANMU

We Are Not Melbourne United has recently celebrated it’s first birthday!

It’s been a great year of being a rebellious website fighting for the Melbourne Tigers and it’s fellow former Victorian NBL team rivals/brothers.

Our Tigers battled through BigV this year and posted more wins this year than last so that is very good news and we’re positive 2016 will be an even better season, make sure fans that you keep talking up the Tigers because people love to be part of the action and so the more talk equals more action equals more followers.

We will strive to keep fans informed on all important Tigers news including player arrivals/departures, memberships and it’s prices so you can snap one up and become an all important member of a club going strong since 1931.

Dragons fans are starting to roar again, Magic fans are having their say, Supercats are being talked up again, Giants fans pretty much only have one man waving their flag but hopefully that will soon change and so WANMU hopes more chatter continues because let’s face it there is no more passionate sports fans than Victorian sports team fans (no offence rest of Australia).

The NBL does look exciting with it’s roster of players and the Foxtel deal that shows all games but Larry Kestelman owns the majority of the NBL (and United!) and with no Tigers it’s just not 100% appealing at this time and WANMU can’t wait for the Tigers to play ball anywhere at anytime and make us forget the NBL is going around.

To close, the pictures below sums up our feelings until United comes falling down.

We REALLY ARE Melbourne, The Melbourne Tigers!.



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