#21 Liberated, #6 still is and #8 is now misused by United

There was some good news for Melbourne Tigers fans as a check of Melbourne United’s roster revealed that the revered number 21 was not being used by United this season.

Tigers fans know that the number was made famous and iconic by Lanard Copeland and seeing it used in the NBL 2014/15 season by United was very insulting, adding to the insult was the fact Warrick Giddey’s #6 was also on the court when it was supposed to be retired.

The good news was short lived as it was discovered that United this year given Tigers 90’s hero Ray Gordon’s retired #8 to development player Kyle Adnam with Nate Tomlinson still to the disgust of passionate Tigers fans occupying Warrick Giddey’s #6.

Readers may be confused by this situation, Melbourne United is after taking away its last name and its colours is the Melbourne Tigers but the club seems eager to step as far away from the Tigers history as possible going as far as using the retired jerseys even if those retired jerseys are hanging on the walls of Hisense Arena and Margaret Court Arena.

With three of the Tigers six retired numbers being either used or is being in use by Melbourne United, it is only a matter of time before the remaining three of #10 (Andrew Gaze), #25 (Dave Simmons) and #50 (Mark Bradkte) will be used by United bringing more upset to those Tiger fans who fight for every scrap of the 1984-2014 NBL team’s dignity.

Tigers fans now have the opportunity to voice their displeasure by reading and signing the petition at
Every signature will generate an email to Melbourne United in the hopes that they either take down the Tigers jerseys because they have insulted the fans for too long or Nate Tomlinson and Kyle Adnam make number changes themselves.

WANMU will keep you updated on the story as it unfolds.


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