United mails those who don’t want to be mailed

Melbourne Tigers fans who did not join Melbourne United were startled this week when Melbourne United membership packs started arriving in their mail.

This was followed up by texts and phone calls with United reminding people of upcoming games and membership offerings, Melbourne United have claimed that some names were transferred by accident from the Tigers 2013/14 list to the United 2015/16 list although some are skeptical that this is the case.

Some have mailed back the pack, some have sent it back with a message, others have put the pack into recycling (good choice for the environment) or thrown it in a fire.

Other reports have that United got details off those who were lucky enough to see Ben Simmons and LSU in action against United earlier this season, this method is really sneaky as those who were lucky ticket winners became potential members.

Those who receive texts can get them stopped by texting STOP and the messages should stop, if they do not stop email a complaint to united@melbourneutd.com.au or email their CEO Vince Crivelli directly at vince.crivelli@melbourneutd.com.au

One fan wrote the following to Melbourne United (rude words censored)

“Do not send me any more text messages. Like I said before I’m a Tigers fan NOT a United fan (BTW using a soccer name for a basketball team? What a joke).
I made it CLEAR to you people last year that I was done with th
e NBL after this rebranding s**t. And don’t claim it was sent ‘by accident’. You want to change our team to a f**king soccer name (I HATE soccer BTW) you suffer the consequences of losing the fans that stuck by the Tigers loyally all these years.

F**k off”

Some fans have suggested giving them an abusive text before texting STOP, WANMU does not feel that is a good idea but each person has the right to choose what they want to do.

Melbourne United and other clubs if they do the same practice should not hound non members to become members, if somebody wants to become a member they will contact the club themselves to make arrangements.

Lastly Melbourne United, Melbourne is a city not a town so get that right in your next sales pitch.


(Picture provided by Kathy Meeson)


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