This is our time

The 2015/16 NBL season is about to start and it will be the second season without the Melbourne Tigers.

They say this season will be one of the best but this writer doesn’t feel very enthusiastic, I love the game but without the Tigers the NBL is just a league among leagues with the BigV on top of my list.

But let’s not despair about the fact Melbourne United are playing and use the fact they are playing to motivate us to get the Tigers back where they belong.

We’ve got choices Tigers fans, we can accept we’ll never get into the NBL again and just reminiscence about the four titles and many times more iconic coaches and players or we can take up the challenge of restoring the Melbourne Tigers to the NBL.

It’s not easy, Kestelman and Slepoy own the Tigers rights and they will hold on to them because they are lucrative and iconic but that’s not to say it’s impossible because never underestimate the power of the masses, there are two petitions to choose from one is to make sure United stop using retired Tigers jersey numbers because they are meant to be one and the same club and the second is to free the Tigers property from Kestelman and Slepoy.

The jersey one is for those who want to defend Tiger history while United still have it in their possession and the second one is a vote of no confidence in United being the front for Victorian basketball.

We also got the BigV, how do we make the Tigers strong in the BigV? WANMU believes that to succeed we will need to give the Tigers team lots of help and advice because they will not have the staff like the NBL team but the dedication no doubt is exactly the same if not higher for the Tigers also manage many juniors teams totaling hundreds of kids and teens.

As pointed out by Gavin Ingham, The Men’s team is coached by Andrew Gaze, the Women’s teams have daughters of Andrew Gaze and Nigel Purchase, Lindsay Gaze makes appearances, Lanard Copeland coaches in the same competition and a cup is on the line when his Broncos take on the Tigers.

Stay tuned Tigers fans on Tigers 2016 membership, every membership is important and fans may even get a nice surprise in their membership too like 2015 members who signed up for the higher levels got a signed Andrew Gaze shirt complete with message and those shirts made plenty of people’s days.

Keep those petition signatures coming, keep sharing with family and friends, remember a campaign works if people act like a basketball team passing and assisting each other to move things down the court for a score.

Keep on battling on Tigers fans.


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