All roads from the Tigers lead to more

The Melbourne Tigers have in the couple of weeks have released lots of information that will bring a cheer to Tigers fans around the world.

Five Melbourne Tigers U/14 Girls are playing for Vic Metro in the Southern Cross Challenge in 2016, they will play against other teams with the aim to develop players and not be consumed by the thought of winning, Tigers fans can learn all about the five here, we congratulate the five on their selection and wish them the best in 2016.

Ten Tigers players who have given their all for the club as juniors are currently in the United States playing College Basketball, the fact that ten are playing in the highly competitive system proves that the Melbourne Tigers are a strong basketball club who gives players what they need to progress further, find out who the ten are and who they are playing for here.

The junior girls have published their playing lists for 2016, fans may recognize some of the names of the coaches and even the last names of some of the players too, we wish all Tigers teams well of luck training for the 2016 season and hope it will be a fun and injury free experience.

Go Tigers!.


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