The power of Lanard Copeland

Lanard Copeland, one of the few NBL stars past or present to be as popular off court as he is on the court.

We say ‘is on the court’ because Lanard still plays, those who watched the Red Bull Reign would of seen him and D-Mac partner up to play some three on three basketball, reported on his playing and unfortunately D-Mac was named Darren not Darryl in the report which no doubt would raise the ire of Giants and Tigers fans around the nation.

Lanard loves the Tigers so much that when Melbourne United came he told the media that he told them he wanted his retired #21 Tigers jersey taken down from where United play because he played for the Tigers and want nothing to do with Melbourne United.

In the 2014/15 season Tigers fans watched amused as the #21 jersey was still hanging up and then fans got annoyed when on the court the #21 was being used by a Melbourne United player, this year #21 is not being used but the retired #6 and #8 are.

What endears Lanard to the public off court is that he tells things as he sees them, just like what he told the world about Melbourne United or his thoughts on who his favourite NBL and NBA starting five would be and so much more.

Lanard’s interview on The Pick and Roll makes excellent reading and is perhaps one of the best interviews in recent times as you can sense a lot of emotions from his thoughts on beating the Magic after the Tigers were seemingly out for the count to his thoughts on Lindsay Gaze and how Lindsay’s coaching techniques help Lanard today.

For those who don’t know, Lanard coaches in BigV with the Hume City Broncos and takes on the Tigers twice a year with 2015 ending in a one wins each draw, what makes it more enthralling for Tigers fans is that the coach of the Tigers is none other than Andrew Gaze and they play for

Lanard coached the Broncos to finals and there is no doubt that Lanard will continue to make the Broncos and any future teams (hopefully the Tigers) successful in future seasons.

In a final statement on Lanard’s popularity, ‘Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers’ posted The Pick And Roll interview on it’s page yesterday and at this time of writing it has been seen by over 2,000 people and shared a dozen times illustrating the fact that when Lanard speaks, people listen.


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