How to stay positive amidst the deluge

Melbourne United are 7-0 in the current NBL season and the press is going nuts over them, the NBL is everywhere (about time) and while this is happening Tigers fans are months away from getting to see their team in competition.

How do Tigers fans stay positive through it all? Most deal with it easily because they aren’t interested in Melbourne United, some have chosen one of the other seven NBL teams to follow and others follow the WNBL or local competitions to fill in time before the BigV season starts sometime in 2016.

The ‘Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers‘ Facebook page (formerly Save Our Melbourne Tigers) has spent time recently remodeling it’s page to become a page that keeps fans updated on past, present and future Tigers, it will also keep fans alerted to the status of the petition which now sits at 128 signatures and more, the page has 489 likes and hopes to celebrate 500 likes real soon.

Tigers fans can expect other Tigers fan pages and groups to steer towards a more positive outlook as they move away from displaying anger towards Melbourne United to displaying positive news about the Tigers and get people interested in Tigers news and the 2016 BigV season, it is hoped that the change will get the Tigers towards their goal of getting the rights off United sooner rather than later.

The Melbourne Tigers website is still pumping out information and as reported earlier more news will come out as they expand to include senior ranks as it currently focuses on the juniors who as visitors will see are doing extremely well with Tigers teams playing in Geelong this weekend.

There’s a lot of good things happening Tigers fans so keep on visiting the website and visit the Facebook pages and groups and always feel free to post or comment anything you like that’s related to topics and just enjoy yourselves.

Go Tigers.


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