Gaze returns to NBL commentating

Andrew Gaze returns to NBL commentating this Saturday night after being surprisingly left out of Fox Sports roster of commentators at the start of the season.

Fans and not just Melbourne Tigers fans couldn’t believe a guy with so much experience was left out in favor of NRL and AFL commentators but now it has been corrected all seems right in the NBL world apart from the sad fact there’s no Melbourne Tigers in the competition.

There is some bad news with Andrew now sidelined from SEN duties after the station shaken up it’s 2016 lineup and have removed Andy Maher, Andrew and Tim Watson from the morning program.

Andrew is not the only guy on the outer with Kevin Bartlett also appearing to be out as well, Kevin hosts ‘Hungry for Sport’ which was a wide ranging sports show and a great source of information.

With Kevin Bartlett apparently out of the lineup, Nigel Purchase will have to  discuss Basketball with somebody new but WANMU hopes both Andrew and Nigel will pick up radio shows and segments on SEN in the near future.

NBL fans are now disappointed with the news the competition is now on Fox Sports 3 instead of Fox Sports News, Fox Sports News is a channel Pay TV subscribers can get standard but you have to pay for the privilege of Fox Sports 3.

In summing up, it’s been a good week and a bad week for Andrew Gaze and it’s been a good week and a bad week for NBL fans.

Go Tigers!



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