Kestelman to break more hearts?

Townsville fans were last night celebrating their side defeating Melbourne United at Hisense Arena.

This morning they woke up to find Larry Kestelman imploring Townsville fans to turn up to games or face a real risk of losing their team.

Townsville have had poor attendances to their games this season by averaging under 2000 people per game however it should be noted that Townsville have had varying form, three home games and games mid-week that are considered the league’s graveyard shift.

The graveyard shift is games played from Wednesday to Friday, all teams have struggled to fill seats on nights where most families are resting from work or school.

Melbourne United had just over 6000 last night, in the 4000’s and 5,000’s on other nights but on Sundays they threaten or do achieve 8000-9000 which is a big increase on the previous figures and they are league leaders at this point of the season.

A couple of dozen words of advice to Townsville fans, when Larry Kestelman silently removed the Tigers from the NBL there was no inkling of it coming and so by giving Townsville advance warning the people have the option of doing something about the fate of their club.

Go to the games if you have the time and can afford to go and enjoy your team Townsville while you still have them because if the league expands you may not get them again.


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