Fans ‘like’ Tigers FB page

The Melbourne Tigers FB page is starting to pick up business with a 12% increase in the amount of likes the page has had.

The page now has a total of 142 likes up from 124 which was the total early on Saturday morning.

Fans who have arrived at the page can now find out all about the Tigers Big V SCW, SCM, VYCW, VYCM and Junior Girls programs in the one place and there is no doubt activity will start increasing as the juniors keep playing and the seniors preparations for 2016 pick up speed.

WANMU believes that the Tigers Basketball tops the officials and some of the players are wearing are looking quite good and would make excellent merchandise for fans to buy online, they appear to come in both grey and black ensuring great variety.

The Tigers Girls Twitter account ( is approaching the 250 followers milestone with the account sitting on 223 followers at this present time, the account also recently made their 1,500th tweet.

There is no doubt that the Tigers page will soon pass 150 likes and continue on it’s way to bigger numbers, it has a long way to go to catch Melbourne United’s 40,000 likes but with the Tigers steadily rebuilding catching and passing United is certainly not an impossibility and even less an impossibility if you the reader like the page too.

Go Tigers!


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