Almost one season closer

We are now in the final days of Spring, The NBL is 8 rounds into it’s season and junior Basketballers are plying their trade around the country.

Tigers fans are watching their juniors with interest particularly those whose ages allow them to make their case to play in the State Championship Men’s and Women’s teams or the Youth teams.

Senior team lineups for 2016 will undoubtedly be different to this year as several Tigers have either gone to the USA, playing for other BigV teams or have gone on to other competitions.

2015 has been a good year for Tigers fans, the team scored more wins, memberships got a boost, social media input and output went up and with a month still to go there’s even more room for the Tigers to grow before we get into 2016.

The Tigers future rests in our hands, never forget that the little acts is what pushes things forward so like pictures, like posts, retweet and like tweets from the Tigers for those little actions keep things rolling.

To finish this new post, below is a YouTube video of Joshua White scoring many points and assists for the Tigers this year, some of the scores you’ll see are excellent long range shots and if you look closely in the background you may see an icon or two.

Go Tigers!


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