Giddey coaches team to success

Warrick Giddey has coached his Melbourne Tigers 12.1 team to victory in their section of the Southern Peninsular Tournament.

The 12.1’s went on a scoring spree with the side defeating Diamond Valley
73 to 30.

The 14.2’s also won their tournament section against Bulleen Two 25 to 19  and the 14.4’s finished runner up to Korumburra 1 in theirs making it a successful tournament on court for the Tigers.

Away from the results, the tournament was a success for the team as it’s sides bonded over the weekend ensuring the VJBL season will be a good one for the Tigers regardless of the results.

WANMU congratulates the Tigers teams on their successful tournament adventure.

For further coverage on the Tournament, visit the official Tigers Facebook page by clicking here


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