850 likes for South Dragons page

The South Dragons fans have pushed their page calling on their return past 850 likes of Facebook.

The page currently has a total of 851 likes and there is no reason why the fans can push that total closer to 1000 before the year is out which is only 29 days away.

Getting to 1,000 likes would be an important step for Dragons fans as it would cement it’s spot as the team Victorian fans are calling for to be the second Melbourne team in the NBL.

It is also important for Dragons fans for as the league is reportedly running hot the competition to enter the league would be hotting up and so the Dragons must stake their claim with mass fan support.

Readers may wonder why a predominantly Melbourne Tigers site is saying all this and the answer is the above is factual and also this writer believes in the pursuit of (legal and sane) happiness and if the South Dragons returning to the NBL makes people happy then so be it.

Those who love/loved the South Dragons or just want an alternative to Melbourne United can visit and choose to like the page by clicking here.

WANMU will continue to report on the Dragons fans progress as it happens.


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