Tigers now part of SEABL family

The heading of this story is not a joke, it was tweeted by Chris Anstey today and confirmed by others that the Melbourne Tigers will be joining SEABL.

This writer was just going through tweets on this nice looking SE QLD Sunday when Chris Anstey’s tweet sent a wave of dizziness as this was the good news that we’ve been waiting so long for.

Was it true? Was it a joke? Surely it was true and not a joke for Chris Anstey would never do that to fans and so the waiting game began with constant Twitter checks and hoping somebody would confirm or deny the story.

It wasn’t long before the avalanche of information came, first Andrew Gaze liked Chris Anstey’s tweet, major Tigers fan Graham Allen commented that it was true then Nigel Purchase tweeted the announcement is tomorrow.

To BigV, we love the competition and as we don’t know yet what will happen to the Tigers and BigV but we like to say that if the Tigers go we thank you for all you’ve done having us and if we stay we sure look forward to 2016.

To SEABL, Thank you for letting the Tigers into your competition, we are very grateful to you and Tigers fans hope the team will justify your decision through dedication, conduct and results.

To Tigers officials, you are our heroes for working day and night to get the Tigers into competition like SEABL, it must not of been easy considering the work that needed to be done from getting rights to start shopping for talent and coaches.

To our fellow Tigers fans, At times sticking with the Tigers while United was running hot and mass backed by the press would of been difficult to take but now the Tigers are going into a bigger competition people will see the Tigers are alive and well and your choice has been well justified.

Celebrate today/tonight Tigers fans!


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