Gaze to coach SEABL team

Andrew Gaze is officially the coach of the Melbourne Tigers SEABL team, this news is hardly a shock to fans as it was considered inevitable that the NBL legend turned Big V coach would take the next step and coach in SEABL.

The Tigers will be playing at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)  using both Show Court and Court 1, The Tigers being at MSAC is already familiar for Tigers fans as the Big V teams played at MSAC.

Player signings will come in the future, this has gotten fans curious as to who will be part of the team that will begin this new phase of the Tigers return to being one of the most well known sport teams in Australia.

Some fans have stated that the Tigers should go for the young player approach whilst some desire players from Melbourne United and other NBL teams.

There is still a lot for the Tigers to unveil such as sponsors, coaching staff and memberships but every bit of information is met with enthusiastic responses from Tigers fans and there is no doubt the enthusiasm will continue into 2016.

Go Tigers!


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