State of the Tigers

There is a feeling of great excitement among Melbourne Tigers fans as the team has been flexing it’s muscles in recent weeks with a steady stream of announcements and developments making their way into fans hands with some of those announcements and developments listed below.

Daryl Corletto and Rhys Carter are both Tigers
– Mark Bradkte is working with the Tigers
Tigers girls teams are doing well
Memberships are being snapped up
– All Tigers teams are hard at work with training
Tigers Facebook page likes are over 400
–  Tigers Twitter account is in full operation
Tigers are now on Instagram

Some Basketball fans in the UK are rudely celebrating Daryl Corletto signing with the Tigers (which comes into effect after the BBL season) but it is their loss as Daryl has been leading scoring in the British Basketball League and his return to Melbourne is to a place where he is loved and respected by the fans.

The Tigers are now everywhere on social media and this will benefit fans who can get their Tigers fix from Facebook to Twitter and stay informed in the process as last year news was hard to come by.

There has never been a better time to be a Tigers fan or rediscover the passion of being a Tigers fans, with the NBL season winding down there is no reason why numbers of fans should not increase across the board and that is nothing less than a good thing for the team.


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