Tigers Roundup (Feb 19 2016)

The NBL finals may be here but Tigers fans are mostly watching what is happening on the SEABL front as everything becomes more and more concrete.

The SEABL team got their first practice games last weekend as they played against Lanard Copeland’s Hume City Broncos and a US team, Lanard’s team got in a buzzer beater to defeat the Tigers but Tigers fans should be proud the Tigers pushed the Broncos all the way.

Fan response to memberships have been very positive with people snapping up membership packages of all shapes and sizes, Tigers fans are reminded that the $50 supporter package is one off $50 payment and is not $50 per month.

The Tigers internet team have been busy with plenty of news reports being published from Rhys Carter becoming a Tiger to signing up Rob Jones from St Mary’s whilst the ladies have signed former USC Forward Kiki Alofaituli and more, all details on all the signings and more are available here.

The Tigers Facebook page is up to 468 likes, 500 should be reached in a matter of days or a couple of weeks, the page is updated regularly with news so make sure you invite fellow Tigers fans to the page and keep spreading the word.

A very special event is on Sunday 28th of February, Tigers fans can travel down to the MSAC Showcourts to meet the many Tigers teams representing the club in 2016, the event runs from 10am to 11am so make sure your Sunday is a Tigers Sunday.

That is the Tigers Roundup for February 19, check back next week for more fan information from the fan perspective.


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