Number 5 is Alive!

It has now been two weekends in a row that the Tigers have had maximum success in SEABL and it is a wonderful feeling to see people happy that the Tigers have treated fans to new success.

The Men’s playing record of 2016 has been well and truly shattered this year and the Women have had a great debut season with five wins so far, a testament to the Tigers ability to compensate for late player departures and also the shrewd choice to back Tigers players who joined the SEABL team from either from the SCW (2016) and YCW (2016 & 2017) ranks.

This weekend the Men take on our old NBL pals the Geelong Supercats on their home turf, last year the Supercats had a sizable home win in a very high scoring match and earlier this year they were lucky to leave MSAC with a win.

The Tigers can beat any team, anywhere if they make the most of their shots and don’t allow the opposition to get a run in any stretch of time.

On a personal note, Tigers membership came in the mail today and the club included a letter of apology for the lateness and added two shirts and maybe a cap to the order, it was an unexpected but well appreciated gesture and it shows that the club cares for its members and supporters.

So fans who were on the fence this year should get a membership next year with confidence the team will look after you in all matters.

Looking forward to Saturday nights game, may us fans be blessed with it being streamed.


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