June 27 2021

Covid has killed off a lot of personal enthusiasm about the NBL1 season, lockdowns etc. have caused the season to stop and start and in the chaos of the world’s problems and the saturation of COVID news it is hard to remember when something starts again.

The Melbourne Tigers are having a mixed bag of a year, the men are struggling and the women are thriving in NBL1 South competition, the women have always done well since they came in as a SEABL team after all they were the first to make playoffs.

NBL1 South, that’s how much the second tier competition has changed as it used to be just NBL1 because other competitions around the country were singing from a different song sheet but now they’re all together under the guidance of the NBL.

It’s funny that the Tigers got away from Larry Kestelman only to end up in a competition with his fingers in the pie but that’s just the way it goes sometimes and the important thing is that we’re still alive and he can’t change the club like he done to the spin off Tigers.

Things will get better in this world and enthusiasm will rise, heck it is even rising while this is being typed out and perhaps that’s all that’s needed when you’re down about something, the chance to talk about things to remind yourself about what you love and give yourself the energy to do things.

Tigers Men are expecting some star power to return now the NBL season is done and dusted for the next couple of months so it will be interesting to see how the season goes from here.

Speaking of Melbourne United, they won a second NBL title the other day, they still need to win two more to match the Tigers in titles won, some may say United have won six but they way they go about things it is two to them and four to us.

Wouldn’t it be cool in the future if the Coburg Giants entered NBL1 then it would be a Tigers, Supercats, Giants and Spectres ex NBL team party.

We’re lucky people, I watch the Victorian Football Association pages on Facebook and see supporters mourn the losses of their many clubs and reminisce but we are lucky because our club had interests in Australian and Victorian Basketball so while we lost out in the national league, we’re still alive in NBL1 and BigV etc.

That’s it for now.


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