Waiting for the 2022 NBL1 Season

March 3 2022

Greetings fellow Melbourne Tigers fans,

Last weekend the Tigers Men got a practice game in against the Broncos and it was good seeing the Tigers back in action after so long without them even if there was no sound on YouTube to tell people who was on court and what was going on, thankfully the scoreboard was visible to allow it to be followed.

COVID seems to be less of a problem in Australia so it looks like we will get to have a 2022 season after two heavily disrupted years which is good, now players just got to stay healthy through it.

Hopefully there will be live streaming of games so people can keep track of all the action instead of reading live stats which can be boring and it can take forever to find out what exactly is going on.

Andrew Gaze is back coaching the Men and that is interesting, we just got to hope that media commitments don’t cause a disruption to the season as Andrew is highly in demand but they seem to have got it all worked out.

Warrick Giddey is coaching the Women’s team and it will be a different team now that Monique Conti is playing for another team in the competition which will be weird to see but that is sport, people switch teams for a variety of reasons all the time but clubs live on from that and the Tigers will live on and hopefully beat the new team to get those vital points.

It’s hard looking at the NBL results and seeing a Melbourne team up the top and knowing it is not the Melbourne Tigers there but thankfully there is NBL1 and the Melbourne Tigers are there and that is good enough for me.

I can’t wait to write down some more thoughts as the season gets underway, there is a lot to look forward to and hopefully it will be mostly good things.

Go Melbourne Tigers!


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