Giveaways to ensure packed opening?

Melbourne United have given the audience of OneHD show ‘The Thursday Night Sports Show’ double passes to this Sunday’s game, there is no doubt now that Melbourne United are working double time to ensure that their first game of the season is described as a sell out although it is certain that hundreds of those in attendance are able to attend by the passes given on the show or by the tickets given to various Basketball Associations by Melbourne United.

There are suggestions thatĀ Basketball Associations who were promised tickets have been changed to kids passes, this will no doubt bring confusion and frustration to many who might of hoped to been able to go see a game, there is no doubt that Melbourne United has shot itself in the foot with this bungle which adds to a growing list of problems from members not getting proper information, Facebook team making blunders, Tigers fans getting calls when they’ve asked United not to call or have gotten a phone call on a number never listed and more.