Hawks pop United Ballers with their talons

Melbourne United Ballers traveled to WIN Entertainment Centre to take on the Wollongong Hawks, the game was expected to be a walk in the park for the Melbourne United Ballers as Wollongong lost their past seven games and have only won three games for the season before tonight.

Wollongong threw out the script with a 28 to 15 point opening quarter and from then on the game was theirs after extending their lead to 16 points at half time before hammering in 29 points to 18 in the third to establish a comfortable 27 point lead at three quarter time.

United Ballers got their act together in the last quarter to start charging down Wollongong but Wollongong steadied in the closing minutes allowing the team to win their fourth game of the season 93 to 82 to the delight of the home crowd and defiant Melbourne Tigers fans.

United Ballers are now hoping the Perth Wildcats late season collapse continues in order for the side to make the finals should Adelaide hold serve and stay that vital win ahead of United Ballers but with Melbourne United Ballers losing to the two bottom teams in the competition in a row getting past Perth or Adelaide is no sure bet.


Are United becoming Ballers?

Melbourne United seem to be in two minds about their name, the newspapers and the scoreboard may say Melbourne United but the crowd is encouraged to chant ¬†‘B-A-L-L-E-R-S Ballers!’, the team Mascot is named Mr Baller and the Melbourne United shop is called the Ballers Store, common sense would say that the crowd should chant U-N-I-T-E-D United!, perhaps keep Mr Baller as the mascot¬†and the store be called something like The Melbourne United Store.

Could it be that Melbourne United will soon become the CTI Melbourne United Ballers? Some may say that calling the team Ballers will be an improvement on the usage of United but it will also lead to people believing that United are making things up as they go along and that would not boost anybody’s confidence that the team will be having a long life in the NBL.